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The New Age of Urban Living!
In many cities across the world, there has been an increasing demand for fine living spaces and master-planned communities. With home buyers and real estate investors demanding luxury amenities, fine finishes like silk drapery and more features, a condo and housing boom has resulted in some magnificent real estate developments and boutique residences.

The Types of Urban Living Homes in North America
There are many opportunities for a prospective individual or couple to get into the real estate market. Whether you are looking for a permanent residence or a real estate investment home, both the United States and Canada markets provide numerous types of housing that will suit your lifestyle and requirements. Obviously, the most expensive but most sought after urban living real estate property is a home. Not only does a private home provide you with ample space and privacy, but they are really at a premium in most major cities and towns these days as they have become quite expensive, especially homes and residences near city centers and major transportation routes. The more common real estate development now sees the construction of townhomes and townhouses which are attached dwellings that give the privacy of a home but within a residential community that is based on smaller properties for couples and families. The most urban type of real estate property on the market these days in both Canada and the United States are definitely condos or condominiums. Also called apartment residences, condos in both the United States and Canada have seen an exponential increase in both the number of units being planned and built, but also in the interest from all types of buyers and investors. Living in a high-rise residential building has its perks including amazing views, luxury amenities, features and finishes that are comparable to a custom home and of course the community aspect. With home buyers and real estate investors demanding luxury amenities, fine finishes like silk drapery and high-efficiency HVAC and more features, a condo and housing boom has resulted in some magnificent real estate developments and boutique residences. With condominiums, there are penthouse suites as well as loft residences available to the real estate investor or home buyer as well.

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Pre-Construction Condos in Canada and the United States
A recent phenomenon in both the United States and in Canada has been the emergence of pre-construction condominium sales by real estate developers. Noting the increased demand in home buyers as well as luxury real estate investors, pre-construction condos and apartments have become part of a developer's dream, especially in compact urban communities like you'll find in the New York, DC or Chicago real estate markets. With many pre-construction condo projects sold out from the plan, there are not many choices for young individuals and couples seeking their first home. In many cases, the home buyer will need to put down a deposit of 5 - 10%, depending on the real estate condo development and terms. The remaining balance for the residence and apartment home are due upon completion, sometimes 6 months later and at other times, more than 5 years later depending on the size and magnitude of the community development. Another recent trend with Canada and United States pre-construction condo sales is that by the time the condo high-rise building is completed, many home buyers have purchased elsewhere or have had a change in lifestyle, and therefore, opt to re-sell the property or condo home at a significant gain. There are many real estate investors who view pre-construction condos in Canada and United States as the greatest potential for their portfolio growth as they do not have to carry a mortgage. However, there have been many times where a real estaet investor or home buyer who purchase a home off the plan and the real estate developer goes bankrupt and the real estate project is not completed. Signficant gains are not without risk as seen in the recent pre-construction condominium boom.

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Things to Think About When Purchasing Condos or Real Estate Properties
There are many things to consider when purchasing a home or real estate property, especially for first time home buyers who have not gone through the closing of a residence. Firstly, choose the condominium or home that suits your requirements and lifestyle as well as a home in a good location. Have either a professional check out the internals (Electric Wiring, Plumbing, Safety), or if you are savvy, take a look at the integrity of these internals. If you find any issues with plumbing fittings or pipes you can find the replacement parts you are looking for at Plumbers Stock. All of these factors will play a big role when you decide to move to another home. Secondly, if you are purchasing a pre-construction condo residence, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions set forth by the real estate developer. Most importantly are the conditions on payment and other additional fees and option upgrades to your condo home. If it is an existing condominium, make your offer based on what you can afford, what the bank is willing to lend you and on your vibe of the person(s) selling. Just make sure your finances are in order, that you have stable income and that you have a good credit rating and standing with any and you should be fine. The third part is to secure financing from the bank, which is often a pitfall for most young singles and couples when purchasing their first home or condo. Just make sure your finances are in order, that you have stable income and that you have a good credit rating and you should be fine. When closing a deal, again, make sure you read all the fine print in the real estate purchase deal as it is a binding legal document. Make sure that you consult with your lawyers as well as realtor to make sure that everything is in place before you sign the contract. Lastly, enjoy your new condo or residence home and think about investing in more property using the equity of your residence to further expand your real estate portfolio. For new Canadian real estate opportunities and for investing in pre-construction U.S. Condos at basement bargain pricing and auction, click here.

Types of Properties in Your City
The real estate boom over the past two decades has been felt all over North America, especially in major centres across the United States and in Canada. However, in each of these cities and towns, the types of real estate properties that are of most interest to home buyers and real estate investors is surprisingly quite different. For example, Miami residents are most interested in waterfront villas and tall residential high-rise buildings along the water and marinas. For New Yorkers, finding the perfect loft or condo residence close to where they work is usually the most important factor. Boston residents find brownstones and town houses the most interesting and unique type of housing available in the United States while Seattle is most interested in master-planned condo communities that provide extravagent amenities and condo features. However, whatever type of property you are looking to live in, every city will have. As for Canada, the major cities with huge increases in property prices include Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Other condo and real estate booms are just now beginning in cities such as Edmonton, Red Deer, Ottawa, Kitchener and Montreal. Regardless of all the doomsday projections of a real estate bust, remember that in any market or time, some cities will boom while others won't. As a real estate investor, it is important that you do your homework and purchase condos and residence homes only in those areas that have the greatest potential for growth. Real Estate Agents Directory

The Facts versus Hype in Real Estate in the United States
When talking about real estate and property ownership in the United States, there is a common fear among home owners and real estate investors that we are upon a real estate market crash within the next decades. Already proving that no market can continue to expand and increase in value forever, San Francisco and Las Vegas have seen recent dips in property values over the past two years. While many home owners and 'self-made' investors are calling fowl by banks who were offering 'too good to be true mortgages' and selling off their properties at a loss, many savvy real estate investors know that in any type of market (either boom or crash), there is money to be made in the long run. Real estate over the past decade in the US has seen many ordinary people become millionaires by banking on capital gains over a short term. Many people purchased pre-construction condos and real estate homes and townhomes and flipped them in the hot market. This is no longer possible, as many of the major markets and cities in the United States are now flooded and saturated with properties for sale, and with higher interest rates and borrowing rates, this has lead to a steady decline in real estate home and condo sales this year. It is important to note that with proper research and planning, real estate investment is one of the safest investments out there. Again, in any type of market, there is always need for condos, residences, townhomes, resort properties and other type of homes, and the key is to find undervalued homes and making sure that cashflow is either positive or even so that you won't over burden yourself once rates hike even further. In summary, real estate including pre-construction, under development and more established homes are still opportunities for investment even though everyone is still talking about a big real estate crash in the coming years.

Recreational Properties in the United States
The market for recreational homes and resort residences has been on the upsurge as the baby boomers are retiring and looking forward to a relaxing and exciting future of retirement. Many families are also looking for recreational properties that serves as a family getaway during holidays and celebrations. The biggest trend during the past few years has been fractional real estate of recreational property in the United States and all over the world. This is where a home buyer can purchase a fraction of the recreational property, either half ownership, quarter, 1/8 or even 1/16th ownership. This is a great way to save and enjoy the lifestyle that you and your family deserves. Taking out a mortgage on such fractional real estate properties is tough as many banks will not help you finance recreational homes, especially fractional residences, so watch out. In addition, the laws are a changing up in Canada where fractional ownership of recreational real estate with a rental board is now considered under business tax laws and not personal residential laws. Many recreational property home owners are finding that management, strata and property taxes have shot up over the past year, and can no longer afford this lifestyle. The re-selling of such rental managed fractional ownership recreational real estate properties also becomes tougher as the maintenance costs are much higher than what most regular people will want to afford and budget for a recreational real estate property. However, owning a fractional ownership property in a place that you love is well worth it if you can purchase the recreational property out right and can afford and budget for increase in maintenance over time. If you are looking for more details about US retirement communities, where to retire, assisted living developments and adult oriented neighborhoods, click here.

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