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Moving to Springfield, MA
If you are planning on moving to Springfield, Massachusetts from another state, there are a few things that you should know about the area. With Hartford, Connecticut, less than 25 miles away, there are over 30 universities and liberal arts colleges located in the Hartford-Springfield area, creating a large market of Springfield MA apartments available for rent. However, you will have to fight off the thousands of college students also looking for housing. Rental agreements may also be geared for the academic year only and not for a whole 12 months.

If you are planning on hiring movers to physically relocate your personal belongings, then you may have to consider alternate means of transportation to travel to Springfield. If you have your own car and live in the New England area, you can drive yourself. If you live farther away, or do not own a vehicle, you may want to consider other options. Bradley International Airport is located in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, and is less than 15 miles away from Springfield. Amtrak also runs through Springfield, offering another means of transportation.

If you plan on moving your personal items and belongings yourself, make sure to reserve a moving truck well in advance. With over 150,000 college students arriving in the fall to start school, there may be a shortage of moving trucks in late August and early September. Mid-September may not be a good time to move either, with the Big E being held at this time. The Big E is the Easter States Exposition, New England's annual state fair, and attracts over 1 million visitors per year. The permanent fairgrounds are located less than 2 miles away, in West Springfield. With plenty of snowfall and average temperatures in the thirties during the winter months, December, January and February also may not be an ideal time to move. Of course, if you are moving to Springfield due to employment reasons, you may not have a choice in when you have to move.

As a new occupant to one of the many Springfield MA apartments in the area, celebrate by visiting Six Flags New England, located within 2 miles of Springfield, on the Connecticut River. It is open from mid-April to the end of October. Relax on one of the 10 roller coasters in the park, or get wet and cool down in the water park at Six Flags.