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Westlake Ranch Townhomes in San Marcos
A master-planned community by the Premier Coastal Development real estate property managers and planners is taking shape in San Marcos at the Westlake Ranch Townhouses and Town Homes. With resort-style amenities and luxury residences at affordable costs, the Westlake Ranch San Marcos Townhomes are going quickly.

A premier real estate development is underway in the second phase of the Westlake Ranch Townhomes in San Marcos California. Starting from the low $300,000s, the San Marcos Westlake Ranch townhouses and town homes are one of the newest communities in this district and follows quickly behind the success of Phase 1. There are good incentives for purchasing now, including pre-construction real estate development prices as well as the best availability of the largest townhomes and townhouses at Westlake properties in San Marcos. If you and your family are looking for a quiet and affordable home, then the properties at Westlake Ranch San Marcos should be a great purchase opportunity for you both short-term as well as a long-term investment.

An overview of the Townhomes at Westlake Ranch San Marcos
Expected to be completed in October 2006 with eventual move-in dates set for the beginning of November 2006, the Westlake Ranch San Marcos Townhomes and town houses are now available for purchase at reduced pre-construction prices. Like many other real estate developments in California, the Westlake Ranch Townhomes are considered a condo conversion project which basically means that an older building is being renovated, gutted and repolished into a new condominium master-planned community. In many ways, condominium conversions of townhomes are better then pre-construction properties as the revamped homes provide the traditional feel and space offered by older floorplans and layouts. The San Marcos Westlake Ranch townhouses and town homes are located at 201 Westlake Drive in California and are planned, designed and built by the Premier Coastal Development. Although the real estate developer has not disclosed information about unit sizes, the Westlake Ranch townhomes and town houses in San Marcos will have two stories and the entire master-planned community for Phase 2 of this real estate project will feature only seventy two townhomes. Each townhouse at West Lake Ranch will have two bedrooms and three baths. The pricing range for the Westlake Ranch Townhomes in San Marcos will be three hundred and twenty nine thousand and nine hundred dollars to three hundred and eighty nine thousand, nine hundred dollars.

Some features of these properties in San Marcos California
Although the real estate developers have not disclosed an abundance of information, here is a summary of what some online websites have mentioned about the Westlake Ranch townhomes and town houses in San Marcos California. These residence homes are two story townhomes with two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Most townhouses at Westlake Ranch in San Marcos will have patios and private yards, if not all residences. Some on site facilities and amenities offered by the San Marcos West Lake Ranch properties include a pool, spa and fitness room (including free weight equipment and cardio machines). As well, all town homes and townhouses at Westlake Ranch will have washers and dryers with a selection of townhomes with fireplaces.

The floorplans at San Marcos real estate property developments
There are actually two distinct floor plan layouts available at the Westlake Ranch Townhomes and town houses in San Marcos that are called floorplans 1 and 2. Both floorplan configurations feature 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. For more information about both floor plan layouts at the San Marcos Westlake Ranch Townhomes and Townhouses, please visit their website at for more information regarding the living spaces, map/location and site plan for this master planned community. The Sales Center for the San Marcos Westlake Ranch townhouses is located at 201 Westlake Drive at San Marcos Boulevard in California. You may contact the sales representatives at 760.331.7690 to book an appointment for purchase. As well, the sales office and models for the Westlake San Marcos Ranch townhomes and townhouses are open between 11am to 6pm everyday except for Wednesday and Thursday when they are closed. If you would like to be notified about updates to the Westlake Ranch San Marcos townhome real estate property or any other Premier Coastal project, you can submit an online form to become a VIP for their developments. You can do this online at the Premier Coastal Westlake Ranch website today.