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Real Estate in the Pacific Northwest
With many different types of real estate developments happening in the Pacific Northwest, namely in San Jose, Oakland, Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, Portland, Oregon and in and around the Seattle Washington area, this area is booming with new pre-construction condominium buildings and master-planned communities that seem to hint more on the lifestyle and urban open space concept when compared to the Eastern United States counterparts in real estate developments.

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Pacific Northwest real estate developments for 2007 and beyond

San Francisco, California is now home to some of the most luxurious construction properties in all of the United States. From high-rise condo towers to townhome master-planned districts in the suburbs like San Mateo, Burbank, San Jose, Oakland and other areas, San Francisco or San Fran presales homes and communities are growing metropolitan cities that is home to many of the western states official business headquarters. San Fran is still on the rise when it comes to real estate in the Pacific Northwest simply because of the lifestyle choices that home buyers and real estate investors have when it comes to new properties. As San Francisco preconstruction property investments, the rental rates are very high and new pre-construction San Fran condo real estate is still very affordable if you know where to look. In addition, San Francisco presales condos are very affordable, many within their downtown areas.

San Jose or the 'high-tech' center of Silicon Valley is another story when it comes to hustle and bustle. A laid back city of many millions, this growing and burgeoning city in California, San Jose presales real estate is also home to many of the most luxurious and prestigious pre-construction developments in the entire US. From low-rise LEED certified green buildings to high-rise condo towers, San Jose real estate is on the climb and many investor experts say that the San Jose market trails that of Seattle by about five years. Therefore, for pre-sales California real estate investors or for outsiders wanting a piece of the action, the upcoming year may be a strong growth period for this area leading to large increases in home equities and rental rates.

Other areas of strong California real estate value increases, even with the current sub prime problems include such notable cities as the pre-sales and preconstruction condos in Glendale, Fair Oaks and the presales condominiums in Fremont. Other areas of population growth with an increase number of pre-sales condominium homes includes Irvine, Licoln, Long Beach and Modesto in California. What's great about CA is that there are numerous freeways and interstates that inter-connect through all the major cities within the Bay Area and so getting to and from different places is an easy order. In addition, many of these properties are along the waterfront or have magnificent views of the surrounding areas. Many high-rise towers in presales California condo markets also provide a wealth of amenities and features not found anywhere else.

Some people may wonder about the largest city in California, which is of course, Los Angeles. After years of lull and non-distinct growth in the property market, the pre-sales LA condo towers are on the rise, literally, again. With places like Glendale, Pasadena, Santa Monica, South Beach and others, the preconstruction Malibu condo apartments and Mante, Palm Desert, Orange Canyon and Santa Paula properties are also a very hot commodity these days. The presales Hollywood Los Angeles condos are great because in any downturn in the real estate market, there is a significant population there to fill any vacant suites or to purchase your home.

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