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The Cove at Doublehead in Alabama
A home that you have always dreamed about, a charming setting with a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood … there is a place in Alabama close to Florence at The Cove at Doublehead that is this serene, prestigious and conveniently situated in the heart of the state.

Schedule an appointment today
If you would like more information about this Alabama Doublehead Cove Homes, please contact a sales representative here at 256.685.9267 or alternatively toll-free at 800.685.9267. The Florence Cove at Doublehead Homes in Alabama presentation center will have a two hour information session with a complete hands-on tour of the real estate development property so that you can grasp the experience of living in this charming and peaceful neighbourhood. To book your appointment today please visit the Alabama Doublehead residence web site to submit your online enquiry: and to get your special private tour today. Alternatively, you may also email them at anytime and you can expect to get a response by email or by telephone call within three days of submission. The Cove at Doublehead website at also has driving directions (being just twenty minutes away from Florence) that includes the following Alabama towns and cities (Decatur, Huntsville, Birmingham, Tupelo, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Memphis). You can also check out the mileage from Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee from the Cove at Doublehead Homes near Florence AL.

What is the Cove?
This real estate development property is a newly planned and designed exclusive residential community that offers lakefront homes and homesites in northern Alabama, just 20 minutes away from the bustling city of Florence. The Cove at Doublehead lakeside homes are just a fe hours from many major cities and provides unparalleled lakefront living along the Tennessee River and Wilson Lake. More picturesque than any other community in Alabama and the surrounding areas, the Cove at Doublehead residence homes are extremely luxurious and prestigious, and only a few home owners will have a chance to purchase one of these finely appointed and finished homes. Every detail has been looked after in the construction and design of these Doublehead lakeside homes and in addition, the Cove neighbourhood will also have a General Store for shopping in addition to a horse stable for those horse lovers around here as well as a private pier from every home. How spectacular of a lakeside home setting is that! The luxurious Alabama Cove at Doublehead homes and residences provide a great number of outdoor activities for enthusiasts that are looking for recreational fun that includes fishing, boating, kayaking as well as golfing too. A perfect location to just relax and perhaps retire, the Cove at Doublehead homes in Alabama provide superb living experiences for anyone wanting to get out of the cities. For a lot of people coming to the Cove at Doublehead Alabama lakeside homes, they don’t know that this region is steeped in history with old growth hardwood forests of pine and rivers and hills that became some of the earliest settlements in the pioneer days. A view of the lakefront properties as well as the beautiful settings surrounding this real estate development are available online at

The Homes at the Cove
Marketed as gracious and comfortable lakeside homes, the Cove at Doublehead in Alabama features three bedroom residences that all have two full bathrooms. The exterior and interior architecture design resembles the early Native American heritage homes and are elegant, sophisticated and homely. In addition, the lakefront homes at the Cove at Doublehead will present vaulted ceilings that will expand your living spaces and make them more open and there will also be great rooms in each of the homes with wood burning fireplaces (back to the originals). The kitchens will be finely appointed much like the modern condominium residences in the urban cities and many of the Doublehead Cove Homes in Alabama will also have garages that are big enough to house your boats during the off season as well. Like the turn of the century heritage homes seen in the film Anne of Green Gables on PEI, the lakefront homes here at Doublehead Cove will also have expansive porches with rocking chairs and views of Wilson Lake. Getting back to this relaxing type of living will be a welcome change for many in this community.

The floorplans for the lakeside homes at Alabama’s Cove at Doublehead can be seen online in a downloadable PDF format here: You can also see them online at: Again, the luxurious and exclusive homes are along the lakeside in Doublehead Cove Alabama close to Florence and you and your family can enjoy such recreational activities as swimming, outdoor sports, hiking, horseback riding, water sports, world class golf and fishing to name a few. No matter where you need to go, the Cove at Doublehead homes and residences are also close to major interstates and freeways to get you on your way.