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Urban Living is the way to go
With so many real estate development properties sprouting up everything in the United States, it is no wonder why many home buyers and investors are opting to purchase new construction, condo conversion or pre-construction condominiums, townhomes, loft-style homes and duplex townhouses. Here are some tips and trips for a stress free move.

Planning your move before you purchase a real estate property
If you are in the midst of purchasing a new home for you and your family, there are certain things that you should be aware of before you put a deposit down on an urban home, townhome, condominium or loft. This goes for immediate occupancy homes, urban living condominium conversion properties as well as pre-construction real estate. Remember that you should do you due diligence when researching and purchasing a condo homes or townhome, as once you put a deposit or offer down, it is nearly impossible to rescind your decision unless you plan to re-sell or flip the property. Below is a useful checklist for you to get started on during your hunt for a new luxury home, townhome or real estate property in the United States.

If you own your present home
This is a series of steps that you should follow when you currently own your home (even if you have a mortgage!). With such a tight timeline for winning an offer and having to move into your new property, home, townhome, or urban loft, many people get stressed out unnecessarily when it comes to moving. It's actually been researched and the facts show that many couples and families break apart during a home move due to all teh time and stress it takes to move residences and locations. therefore, by doing the proper steps in the proper order, you can alleviate any stress and pressure that the move will present to you and your family. This goes for any home buyer or investor planning on moving homes, townhomes, townhouses, real estaet properties or loft style residences. Firstly, you should arrange to have all your services read before you leave your home. This goes for gas and electric meters at your present home or real estate property on the day that you leave and have the companies forward the final bills to your new address. Secondly, you should also have your oil tank read before your sales closing date. Thirdly, if you have a rental water heater, have your company arrange for the rental agreement to be transferred to your new home. If you don't need the rental anymore during your move to your new townhome, residence, or property, then please ask the company what penalties are present for stopping your rental agreement. Lastly, you will need to disconnect all your water softeners, cable television and telephone lines the day you leave and move into your new home.

If you currently rent your present home
For those people and families currently renting, there isn't much to do before you move to your exciting new home or townhome residence. The only thing to remember is to give necessary written notice to your landlord (with adequate time as outlined in your original agreement) that you will be leaving. Make sure that you get any deposits back from your landlord and sign-off on your contract to close your rental agreement. After that is done, you can easily and stress-free move into your new townhome, loft or property anytime you are allowed to.

For both current owners and renters ... things to do when you move into your new home
When you arrive at your new home, townhome, residence property of row house, you should make all service arrangements on the day that your sales offer closes. This includes everything that was discontinued, disconnected or transferred from your previous address to your new home. Gas and electrical utilities are often the most important as are water softeners, telephone service and cable television. Other services that you may need to think about transferring to your new construction home, real estaet property or townhome is internet service, hydro and other utilities that you currently pay for.

In general, just be smart about your home move and plan ahead
For many people, moving homes and residences is a stressful experience. Spend a few hours prior to your move date to plan your day to ensure that everything you need done is covered by yourself or someone else. This will alleviate stress and make your home move enjoyable and quicker. There are of course many things you need to think about once you move into your new town home, house, residence property, or condominium, so here is checklist of things to plan. Firstly, you should definitely get a 'change of address' card from your local post office to ensure that all mail coming to you will be forwarded to your new home address. Secondly, you should cancel all contracted services to your previous house address as well as any pre-authorized cheques as they will bounce and you will be charged a bank fee. Also, inform all services of your new townhome or residence address so that they can service your new home properly and without stoppage. This includes: dry cleaning, garbage pickup, newspaper service, magazines, home utilities as well as gardening. If you need to transfer bank accounts and securities, this is the time to do it ... otherwise, it gets tougher as you settle into your new home. Also, you should either transfer or cancel memberships to social, recreational, athletic, religious and business affiliations when you move to ensure that they know you have moved homes, townhomes, residences or property. In addition, you will need to transfer all dental, medical plans, prescriptions and optical records to reflect your new home. Effective on the day of your move, you should have the home address on your driver's license changed as well. For plants and pets, make sure there is adequate resources to have the moved during your moving day. As well, dispose of any garbage or flammable materials prior to your move to your new home, townhome, residence condo.

As you can see, just following some or all of these checklist items will make your moving day smooth, enjoyable and stress free for everyone. Plan ahead and you will in your new home in no time!

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