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St. Louis Pre-Sales Real Estate
St. Louis or Saint Louis has always been considered the 'gateway city' to the West and East of the United States. With its strong industrial and manufacturing past, St. Louis has become a world leader and nation leader in biotechnology and medicine, attracting many professionals to the city for employment.

Enjoying an unprecendented growth period in terms of economy, tourism and stable governments with good policy, real estate in St. Louis has become an integral part of it's internal economy, creating and stabilising the work force and creating new jobs every year. The pre-sales condo market in Saint Louis is at the forefront of all news these days, with over a dozen preconstruction St. Louis condo tower high-rise residences either planned or already under construction. The pre-sales or off-the-plan purchasing of these St Louis condominium homes have been a popular way for first time homebuyers to get into the burgeoning real estate St. Louis market. In addition, many real estate investors in Saint Louis have flocked into the city center where many of these presales condo apartment buildings are being constructed. With a growing number of residents wanting homes near work and to the city center, downtown St Louis has been transformed and many new pre-construction Saint Louis properties are now under way. In addition, many downtown St. Louis heritage loft condos and industrial buildings are going through recent transformations and renovations to become urban chic and vibrant downtown condo apartments for urban professionals, singles, and even families. The St Louis pre-construction real estate market has not grown quite as quickly has other major cities in the US and because of this, during the recent sub prime mess in bank and lender financing, Saint Louis real estate has not been hit as hard as other areas in Missouri. In addition, many of these pre-sales St Louis real estate apartment suites are very affordable as the income levels of workers in this city has grown very much in teh past decade. Many families and couples are now choosing different housing options including St. Louis presales townhomes, real estate condominiums and other multi-family buildings, rather than single-family homes that are located far away from the city core. Master planned communities in St Louis real estate presales are now transforming communities and neighborhoods in this beautiful waterfront city.