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Stewart's Landing Classic Homes in Nashville Tennessee
Within the Smyrna district, the Stewart's Landing Townhomes and townhouses are available now at pre-construction pricing. If you are a couple of family looking for a competitively priced and very spacious home near Nashville real estate, Stewart's Landing town homes and properties are a great selection for you.

Close to all conveniences and urban amenities, there is no better location then the Nashville Stewart's Landing townhomes in Smyrna Tennessee. With shopping, parks, recreation, medical, schools, daycare and colleges within the general vicinity of the master-planned residential community at Smyrna Stewart's Landing townhomes real estate and town houses near Nashville Tennessee, it is no wonder why this real estate development project has been popular among the urban youths and couples of this state. With model homes now available for previewing, you can see for yourself what types of features and finishes are provided by Classic Homes developers at the real estate Smyrna Tennessee Stewart's Landing condominium style townhomes that are just minutes away from the city center of Nashville where the business and industrial companies are based.

About the Stewart's Landing Townhomes in Smyrna
A new town house development property by Classic Homes is underway in Smyrna close to Nashville Tennessee. Stewart's Landing Townhomes real estate development is a community that is situated next to Smyrna HS, as well as the large employer of Nissan cars plant and operations. Located in the Rutherford County close to Nashville, Stewart's Landing town homes and property real estate are price ranged from the low ninety nine thousand nine hundred and nine US dollar range and are close to three public schools including Smyrna Elementary, Middle and High Schools for your children. In addition, within driving distance from the residential district of Smyrna Stewart's Landing Nashville real estate townhomes and property residences are three colleges that include Bellmont, Lipcomb, Vanderbilt University and MTSU. For those couples and families with small children and who work during the day, there are many child care and preschool facilities and services offered in and around the Smyrna Stewart's Landing Townhomes close to Nasvhille Tennessee. These include the Bradley Nursery School as well as the Wee Care Day Center for children. For more real estate information about local services and community urban amenities, please contact a sales representative for the Nashville Stewart's Landing town homes and townhouses who can probably list off a few hundred more local conveniences that you will become acquainted to once you move into this master-planned community by Classic Homes real estate developers.

More about the residential townhomes at Stewart's Landing in Smyrna Tennessee
The address for the Stewart's Landing townhomes in Nashville is 300 Stewart’s Landing Cir. In Smyrna, TN and it’s considered a new townhouse community construction property that is available for purchase right now. A classic real estate Homes development, the Nashville Stewart's Landing town homes will have two bedrooms and two baths per residence real estate and the unit sizes currently are marketed at approximately one thousand and eighty four square feet priced from $99,900. As with many other Classic Homes properties, you can receive one percent off your purchase of a townhouse residence at the real estate Stewart's Landing Smyrna properties by logging through iNest and taking advantage of their coupon rate. Other great location features of this master-planned district for families are the number of medical facilities close by for you and your family just in case there are emergencies. The Stones River Medical Center at Vanderbilt University Hospital as well as police and emergency services are very close by to the residential Tennessee properties at Smyrna Stewart's Landing townhomes that are close to Nashville real estate, TN. In addition, families living at the Nashville Stewart's Landing in Tennessee can enjoy shopping at the Cool Springs Galleria or Hickory Hollow Mall any day. Lastly, there are numerous parks and recreational facilities just a short walk or drive from the master-planned Stewart's Landing real estate townhomes and town houses in Smyrna Tennessee and these include the Gold’s Gym, Four Corners, Nashville Shores, Fun Boat Rentals and of course the local YMCA.

The two model homes provided by the Stewart's Landing community in Smyrna
There are currently two floorplan layouts for townhomes available at the Smyrna Tennessee Stewart's Landing real estate property which includes the Hartford model suite that is priced at $99,990 as mentioned above. The real estate square footage of this Hartford townhome at Stewart's Landing Nashville is 1084 square feet with two and two as well as a brick and vinyl finish on the exterior of the building. In addition, the townhouse residence home has two floors but no basement. The family room opens up into the kitchen and breakfast bar area and there is a powder room, walk-in closet as well as a large patio with a covered porch area at the Hartford floorplan at Smyrna Stewart's Landing Townhomes in Nashville real estate Tennessee. The second model home available at the Stewart's Landing Townhouses in Smyrna close to the downtown core of Nashville is the Princeton floor plan that is exactly the same as the Hartford in that it has two stories, two bdrs and two baths as well as the same exterior finish and no basement either. In addition, the Stewart's Landing Smyrna townhomes and Nashville real estate property residences are similar with the layout of the living and kitchen areas, and also have spacious walk-in closets and large porch areas for relaxation. Please contact a sales representative at the Smyrna Stewart's Landing Nashville Tennessee townhomes and town house development for more information about these properties.